The Pursuit Of Human Survival

by Enter Euphoria

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9 track L.P titled "The Pursuit Of Human Survival"

All rights reserved to Enter Euphoria


released March 27, 2015

Mastered/Produced By: Dave Sheldon
Artwork By: Kisaw Artwork



all rights reserved


Enter Euphoria Oshawa, Ontario

Started 2010.
Melodic/Death Metal

Originated in Bowmanville, ON.

..later established in
Oshawa, On. Can.

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Track Name: Violent Radicalization
Alive in tragedy, a suppressed world
Harbouring resources, WMD's and psychological warfare
Money, Oil, Fatality
Waving the flag of consistent control
Burn it down and watch the uproar
There is no support to come our way
This all started back in the day
Bloods money don't you realize
A complex grid of economical stature
The black and the white
What you see and what you don't
A slave to blind consumption

Who profits from prophets
Who profits from prophets
Don't be a slave just open your eyes
Religion and government no longer matter
Because it's no longer relevant
To the minds that strive to progress
We have lost our way
We shall see the light of a new day
This is the day
Why should we just let it "slip away" (3x)
Do we know our enemies
Leaders participating in human trafficking
Population control
Rise above and see
They're hatred for you and me
"Suffocate yourself in your own fucking lies"
I want you to see what it's like
To conjure up yourself being to satisfaction
And all of a sudden you're choked
In a struggle of your life "you struggle and you fight"
And in an instant everything fades away
Slowly the life you have built up for yourself
Flashes ever so gently before your eyes
Realize your true innocents
It's too late everyone knows! But nobody cares!
For the lives you have destroyed
It's about time it's yours!
The content minds have begun to crack
To hell with you there's no boundaries here
In the eyes this fire burns hot
Rage flows thick through the blood
This infection is no disease
But a pulse of new world change
Tearing through my flesh
With this world upon my shoulders
Track Name: Control The Crazy
The power the mind has over the body will control you
Through the dark, lost, forgotten trails
You leave behind.
Two paralleled worlds, you must choose

In the shadows of my life, I live my own reality
Try to cope with these scars
Deny this life I live isolated and forgotten
I’ve wanted to live free and roam outside my head
But on the inside I feel like I’m better off dead

Up my spine and in my mind
Like a disease I cannot find
This blood flows through my design
A masterpiece to define
There is an evil in us all
That thrives to be released
A life bottled up is not what’s come to be
The face I let you see
Will allow me to live free
Behind this mask a horrifying reality

Total agony things cannot be
The way they were before
Till I’ve settled the score
A broken jaw with a mangled face
My token towards your disgrace
I cannot help but hold it on my shoulders
Bringing me to my knees

I wish… just please.. Go
Beneath this blackened sky
I take hold of the beast inside
No longer can I hide
Probability towards who I am
A menace to the eyes inside
Without a care if I live or die

An incline to insanity white knuckled
I’m to blame down in the dirt
I’ve got my life and I’m living this life
Sanity depleting among the echoes
The strings of life stretched tight across death’s valley
Shadows quiver the voices all around
Cold crisps the air I breathe
I crawl away in this hole; I’ll sit and call home
On a mental decline trapped in this hole I now call home.
Running in cycles always falling behind

The sickness sets in
I can see why you rid of me
Life changing epiphany
The darkest days of my being
Are starting to unfold

Into the darkness I hear the screams
Into the darkness shattered dreams
Are withering away

Beneath this blackened sky
I take hold of the beast inside
No longer can I hide
Probability towards obsolescent mistakes

Into the darkness I hear my screams
Into the darkness shattered dreams
Track Name: Oubliette
Self-reflections upon stained glass
What I see I do not understand
Fixated on the horrors of a reality
All anxieties, petition of life
I consume black smoke, sheets are torn
Stains of blood bleed for eternity
Education for life
Regaining self-knowledge

Bow Down to your master, annihilation will come faster
Leave yourself open, for the strength you have, locked inside.
Preaching immoral dictations now put your world aside
And take my place in line
Suit up locked and loaded, watch your friends explode.
Shell shocked visions a blur, all around the dead lye
Now think of it this way there’s no way out

We all want what we want
Because we need what we need
So we take to please ourselves
The fight to survive

There is a force on this earth
That no one has ever seen
Till we can feel it upon our fingers
Why comply with the non-existence
Disease will multiply, piling the bodies high
The murders that no one can hide
No longer do we all talk to the sky

This scarce world
Is all about the individual
Living through and in the end
Accepting what’s come of thee
Break down the walls that trap you
Step out fight the ones that falsely lead you
Under fire walk right through
With heads held high

I disagree with the plots of life
These are the eyes that can see sacrifice
I despise that you take for granted
The weak within your society

Standing in line to die
For a force-fed cause
You call a tragedy
Smile and hold your head high
Take thanks for the families you have robbed and sent to die
Take a ride through my mind
And you will see what I see
Does it scare you.. like it does me
Now look around I’m not too far off
It seems to me, my oubliette has a mind of its own

Looking at this world
Second guessing myself
This is not my oubliette
But the latest version of reality
Track Name: Destructive Constructor
War, Is suicide whether you understand or not
If you really break it down,
It's government homicide
They pick you up, convince you you're ok
Patch you up, and send you on your way

Stand up, and repent
Just remember this is your life you live

In this world I see the dominance and savagery
With a lust to conquer all, all around I'm looking at
A hell corrupt by man
The violence and despair, congregate in simplicity
Break free and come with me
I'll show you all you wish to see

Annihilated by the hands of a "god"
And your back, down on your knees
Looking to the sky just to fall back down
Pathetic, weak
We, shall never back down
To the chaos and anarchy
Continuing to arouse, in a darkening world
We, Shall, Take, Control
Viscosity, we power on
With a darkness we'll leave behind
That will spread the fear, into the eyes
Of your infected mask
Alternative dialogue spoken through the mouths of power
Dissect the absent speech, re-erect what you really mean
We are the pedestals, keeping you on the verge
Of destruction your reign is transitory
Trickery your demise

What the fuck have we become?
In this world so cold
We must amass to abolish their strike
Depriving society in a blackened plague
Free is what we wanna' be
Not components to a global doomsday

Bow down to no one
I'll make sure I'm not the only one
Divert their sanctity, sabotaging their authority
Their mind sets debauchery
Torment, and torment, and tormenting
We the people
Live free, satisfied don't hide it
Raise your fist and pride yourself on it
Track Name: Crossed The Line

We are the mislead youth
Through lost and butchered lives
With these eyes we see the hate
Politicians bread the penetrate
These lie’s you spit are to confuse
Our minds will take no abuse
We will not take a command
It’s time we take our stand

Diseased were all dying
Deceased were all crying

They gave us high hopes
These lies that made us choke
They gave us high hopes
Don't ya think it’s a fucking joke

They gave us high hopes
These lie that made us choke
They gave us high hopes

Learn to survive, do what you must to live this life
Learn to survive do what you must to live this life.

These lies you spit
I will never listen to your shit
Your words mean nothing to me
You'll never
Track Name: Slaughter At The Slut's House
In the dead of night
I take my time
for her to come home

Tucked away somewhere outside your door,
From down the street I can tell your drunk
Lightening Blonde hair with a black haired friend,
Two hot sluts that will give you what you want
Too bad for them they're already dead

With a thrust of my blade
Life as you know it is fucking red till the end
Raped, cut, and left for dead
Barely alive now fucked in the head

Eye To Eye

Cries of blood filled tears
As for now, I'm going to open a world of your greatest fears

Blind and Gagged

Roped tied tight around their throats
Mesmerized deep into my victims eyes
Devoured again, and again
You can't believe the shit you're in
You can scream, you can cry
No worries though, I'll be here till you die
You are now front row, to observe
As your body starts to twitch
I pull the blade out
And now it's time to die

Dragging you through hell with me
No remorse and no regret
Now don't you forget, it's natural of me now
To stick my knife in and turn that shit around
I've always been one for death
I live it in every breath
Bashing in my victim's skull
It's like a high that does not fall
My knife it does not lie
Straight to the point another victim dies

It's too late for you now
You're lost to the darkness of my mind

Eye To Eye
Cries of blood filled tears
As for you now,
I'm going to open a world of your greatest fears
I'm going to fuck your best friend till she bleeds
Track Name: Being Human (In The Presence Of Our Demise)
There is a time
That the body and mind roam free,
Open your eyes and you will see
That this design, lives to be
In pain with power, insane struggles
To keep this life in line
With my finger to the sky, I consume
The question is why?
In this life am I better off to die?

Pray for forgiveness in the harshest of ways
Slit your wrists, and fall to your knees
The blood that runs through these veins
Not pure enough in exchange

So I walk away
Sensuous to what I've come to believe
Separation from this life on land
I've broken it down to this
Take me, teach me, breed me now
I want to know the truth
Take me, show me, if so throw me away
At least I've seen it all
Suddenly you become Euphoric
And you accept your fate, giant gasps of air
Thousands of miles above and then you wake up
Realize you're burn into this lifeless being
Rotting from the inside out,
I do not feel pure, like a piece of my mind has been withheld from me
Bound by the depths of the night
You shall never see the light of day
To rise again you must be restricted to me

But I'll walk strong behind these words
There ain't a fucking thing in this world
we all don't deserve
I can see right through the empty spaces
Don't doubt the intelligence of man
Tell me I lie
Hold me in a cell and throw away the key
As it boils in your blood
Of another seeking the truth
Just tears you from the inside out
Revealing there is a lie
Waiting to be told
This is how it is, things will never change
Stay true to yourself, the only way to survive
Believe what you want, not what you hear
The reliance of faith, kills mans will
Leaves others frustrations
To only be... neglected

We shall not stand, proud on these grounds we roam
Live through the tortures silencing their screams
The pieces will fall together
Because the skies don't lie
Were in the presence of our demise
Track Name: Lead Us To A Dead Future
A shroud is put into the iron vault
Where the seven children of the king are held

The ancestors and forefathers will come
Forth from the depths of hell
Lamenting to see thus dead
The fruit of their line.

Soon they will talk of a treacherous man
Quickly raised from low to high estate
Suddenly he will become disloyal and volatile
And will become the governing power
Through anger and internal hatreds “the exiles”
Will hatch a great conspiracy against the king
From the enslaved populace come
Songs/chants and demands
In the future they will be seen
“As mindless bodies by their holy prayer to an empty sky”
A thing living without any senses
Will cause its own death

Arrived to late, the acts been done
How often will you be captured o’city of the sun
In a world run by false powers
Petrified in worldly disasters
Unwound in a web of lies
Left but a string
Hung like a noose around your neck

Six feet deep entombed to eternal slumber
Now arise to smother consume and control
Forever carved into the minds of the weak
The path of a forsaken man
Leading us to a dead future
Furthering false hope through the land

Walking through the corridor
Blood spilt stench fills the air
Barely breathing
Slashed and whipped, nailed to the cross not a sound
Body weakening dragged into the darkness
Wake up you who are the living dead
The sanity in your mind has drowned
Wearing the cloak of death

Fatal existence filled with pleasure
Influenced by a weakness called upon
Fatal blow to the head leaves little trace of blood
Conflagration getting stronger
Leaves only the blessed “to be burnt by the flame”
The highest trepidation

Bring forth a true diety!

Listening voices speak what’s heard
Gossip caused you to beg
Now go against the cross
Laughing at death
The fear of being rejected
Seems to linger on